The vast majority of root canals are successful, and usually, no further endodontic treatment is required. However, in some cases, decay and infection may return to a previously treated tooth. If this happens to you, our dentists may recommend a root canal retreatment to resolve the problem and restore your oral health.

Re-infection may occur after a matter of months or even years. There are several reasons why your tooth may become infected a second time, including:

  • If the tooth did not heal properly
  • If a new infection takes root in the tooth
  • Your tooth has complex canal anatomy that was not detected or treated
  • Your crown was not placed immediately following your first treatment

Root canal retreatment involves the same procedure as your initial root canal. Our endodontist will open the tooth, remove the filling material that was placed during your first treatment and examine the tooth. Special attention will be given to the new infection and to any additional damaged canals that are discovered. The infection will then be removed and the canals cleaned and shaped before new filling material is placed. The opening in the tooth will be sealed with a temporary filling, and a new crown will be created to protect the tooth and finish your treatment.

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