Dr. Robert Galliani and Dr. Larry Mulvaney recommend that anyone who plays a sport or participates in recreational athletic activities wear a sports mouth guard. Sports mouth guards are a type of custom-made oral appliance, and work to protect your teeth, tongue, lips, cheeks, gums, jaws and neck from injury. While sports mouth guards are beneficial even in single-person athletics, they are often required pieces of equipment in high-contact sports such as wrestling, football, hockey, rugby, soccer, basketball and baseball.

While generic “stock” or “boil and bite” mouth guards are available at most sporting goods stores, a custom-made mouth guard will always provide the best protection for your mouth and smile. Custom mouth guards are designed specifically to fit your mouth and are both more comfortable and more effective than generic guards. Custom mouth guards are designed to fit comfortably over your smile to provide the maximum amount of protection and have been known to reduce the risk of jaw and neck injuries as well as improve your ability to breathe while playing your sport.

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