When you lose a tooth, the supporting bone tissue in that area begins to resorb, or shrink. This causes your remaining teeth to become unstable in your mouth and makes it impossible for an implant to be successfully placed to replace your missing tooth. If this is the case for you, our dentists, Dr. Robert Galliani and Dr. Larry Mulvaney, may recommend a bone grafting procedure to restore your lost bone tissue and ensure that your implant has a stable foundation.

Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure and may be performed by our periodontist or our oral surgeon. It is often required when your jawbone is not dense or thick enough to support your teeth. This treatment is most frequently provided for implant dentistry but may also be required if periodontal disease has caused your supporting bone tissue to deteriorate.

When you receive a bone graft, your doctor will take bone material from another area of your body and add it to your jawbone. This bone material then integrates with your jawbone to create a stronger and more stable foundation.

Bone grafting material produces the best results when it is taken from your own body. However, artificial bone material and bone material from tissue banks is also available.

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