If you are receiving an implant in your upper jaw, you may need to have a sinus lift before you can replace your missing tooth. Sinus lifts, also known as sinus augmentation, is a type of bone grafting designed to restore bone tissue to areas of the upper jaw and provide a stable foundation for your teeth. Sinus lifts in Deerfield, Illinois, are usually performed by our periodontist or oral surgeon.

The maxillary sinuses are located above the upper jawbone on either side of your nose, and if a tooth has been lost in your upper jaw, there may not be enough bone in that area to support the placement of an implant. Tooth loss also leads to bone loss in the area of the tooth, and if the tooth has been missing for long periods of time or if the bone loss occurs due to periodontal disease. it may further contribute to the lack of bone in the area where the implant is to be placed. At this point, our dentists would recommend a sinus lift to add bone in the area of the molars and premolars and promote a successful implant placement.

When you receive a sinus lift, your doctor will gently lift the sinus membrane and push it up and away from the jaw. Bone grafting material will then be added to the area where the sinus was to supplement your bone structure and create a stable foundation for the implant. A four to nine month healing period is allowed following sinus lifts so that the bone graft can integrate with your natural bone structure before the implant can be placed.

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