If your tooth has sustained minor to moderate damage, such as that caused by a cavity, minor fracturing or chipping, our dentists may recommend a dental filling to repair and restore it. Dental fillings are used to restore the original structure, strength and function of your tooth so that you can once again enjoy good oral health.

There are two main types of fillings — amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Both are effective in restoring your tooth after it has been damaged. Amalgam, or silver, fillings are made from metal, while composite fillings are made from tooth-colored resin which blends in with your teeth for a more natural-looking result. When you visit Galliani, Mulvaney and Associates, we will work with you to determine which type of filling will best meet your needs.

Fillings can typically be placed in a single appointment. Our dentists will remove the decayed and damaged tooth tissue, thoroughly cleaning the tooth to removal all hints of decay from it. The tooth is then filled, and the filling material is shaped to match the contours of your tooth. It is then hardened and polished to complete your treatment and give you a lasting restoration.

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